12th Annual Bryan A. Collins
Scholarship Program Recognizes & Honors
Thirteen New Winners for 2018-2019

This Program Has Now Awarded
145 Scholarships 
Since Its Launch in 2007

NASHVILLE (AP), April 7 – For the 12th consecutive year, a group of the best and brightest students at Tennessee State University (TSU) were awarded Bryan A. Collins Memorial Scholarships.

This scholarship award is given every year to outstanding minority students who demonstrate excellence in leadership and academics in pursuing their college degrees.

The thirteen scholarship winners above were recognized and honored at 12th annual Bryan A. Collins Scholarship Program hosted on April 7 by the Alpha Theta chapter of the Kappa Alpha Psi fraternity.

The program took place at the Floyd-Payne Campus Center on the TSU campus and attended by close to 100 students, parents and faculty.

Andranice Buford was recognized as a three-time winner of this scholarship.  And she led an outstanding group of twelve other scholarship recipients who have demonstrated excellence both in and outside of the classroom.

Dr. John Cade, Vice-President, Division of Enrollment Management at TSU and Chair of the Bryan A. Collins Scholarship Committee was especially excited about this year’s group of winners. 

“For twelve years, this scholarship program has continued it’s unwavering support of the best and brightest students at TSU as they progress academically and work towards realizing their career dreams,” said Dr. Cade. 

“And I’m honored that this program continues as a tribute to Bryan’s legacy and his impact on our university.”

Also on hand was Dr. Darlene Harris-Vasser, Assistant Director of Donor Relations & Stewardship of the TSU Foundation.  She was there representing the senior leadership of the TSU Foundation and to recognize the co-creators and sponsors of program, Alan Collins and Francine Williams for their role in awarding 145 scholarships during the program’s lifespan, which launched in 2007.

An unexpected, yet pleasant surprise at this year’s program was a scholarship contribution of $5000.00 presented by Bryan’s fraternity brothers (pictured below), who as students pledged along with him on the Kappa Alpha Psi line known as Kaotik 56.  

They returned to campus from their successful post-graduate careers from all over the nation to present their contribution in person. “It is truly an honor to come back to TSU to support and contribute to our brother Bryan’s program.  We all knew him well, loved him and our bond with him will always remain strong and heartfelt.  We’re pleased that our contribution will help current TSU students while keeping his memory alive.”

Finally, Renard Talley (pictured left), was on hand as a featured speaker.  Renard is a former two-time winner of this scholarship and a 2017 graduate of TSU.  He represents the over 70 students who have received their degrees as graduates from the program since it’s inception.

Renard is currently an Account Specialist with the CPI Card Group.  He shared his personal story about what the scholarship has meant to him along with wisdom and advice to the new winners.

*  *  *

Here’s a close-up look at the new group of
2018-19 Bryan A. Collins scholarship winners:


Andranice Buford…3-time winner of the Bryan A. Collins scholarship…From Southaven, MS…Junior in Business Administration with a 3.5 GPA…Currently involved with the campus ministries, the Westley Foundation and community service…Majorette coach for the majorette team (Dancing Tigerettes)…Developed her own clothing line at 15…Youngest manager at a local Walmart at 18…Plans to own a chain of clothing and beauty stores…Has already started both, but by graduation the goal is to take things to the next level…Recommended by Lakesha Moore, Dept of Art Faculty:  “Andranice has a strong desire to succeed, strong commitment to community service and an exceptional work ethic.”

*  *  *

Tahmadiyya Dawson…2-time winner of the Bryan A. Collins scholarship…From Little Rock, AR…Sophomore in Chemistry with a 3.1 GPA…Freshman Class President of the Student Government Association…developed a tutoring program for the freshman class to lower the drop out rate among freshman students…Volunteers at the Preston Taylor Ministries and Second Harvest Food Bank…Was voted 2017-18 Miss Hale Hall…Plans to attend grad school, obtain her PhD  and later open her own local pharmacy… Recommended by Angie K. Jefferson, Coordinator – Office of Student Activities: “Tahmaddiya is well-rounded faithful leader who is dedicated, reliable and hardworking. Role model for managing her time wisely through all the organizations, classes and public service commitments she has undertaken.”

*  *  *

Briana Dixon…2-time winner of the Bryan A. Collins scholarship…From Southfield, MI…Sophomore in Human Performance & Sports Science with a 3.2 GPA…Currently an Athletic trainer…Tennessee State Cheer Team…Michigan Club…Plans to pursue grad school in physical therapy and eventually open her own business as a physical therapist… Recommended by Eleanor Bass, TSU Senior Admissions Associate: “Briana demonstrates determination and dependability.  She’s now working with the university athletic trainers and can be counted on to execute against her commitments.” 

*  *  *

Kenneth Fuzzell-Partee…2-time winner of the Bryan A. Collins scholarship…From Rockford, IL…Sophomore in Business with a 3.0 GPA…Member of the Supply Chain Management Student Organization…Volunteers at the local Rescue Mission…Plans to become a big-time investor with multiple business ventures as well as launch a support group for young men in his community… Recommended by Albanus Strickland, TSU Building Activities Supervisor: “Kenneth is self-motivated, positive and dependable. No doubt that he will succeed in his achieving his longer term career goals.” 

*  *  *

Autumn George…2-time winner of the Bryan A. Collins scholarship…from Bessemer, AL…Sophomore in Business Administration with a 3.5 GPA…Volunteers at Charles F. Hard Elementary school as a mentor….Career Development Center Student Advisory Board…Involved in the Preston Taylor Ministries…Plans to own children’s psychology clinic & privately owned event coordinating business… Recommended by Charles Jennings, Director of TSU Career Development Center:  “Autumn is well-rounded, dedicated and highly regarded by her peers.  Provides superb service to clients in her part-time job at the Career Development Center.”  

*  *  *

Zachary Horn…2-time winner of the Bryan A. Collins scholarship…From Birmingham, AL…Sophomore in Accounting with a 3.4 GPA…Member of Aristocrat of Bands…TSU Orchestra…Black Engineers of America…Plans to earn his CPA and become a public accountant… Recommended by Larry Jenkins, TSU Asst. Band Director: “Zachary did an outstanding job as a member of the saxophone section and is an excellent musician.  A valued member of the band team and has a bright future.”  

*  *  *

Andria Williams…2-time winner of the Bryan A. Collins scholarship…From Chicago…Junior in Criminal Justice with a 3.4 GPA…Founder of the Community, Careers & Connections Organization…Peer Tutor in the Writing Center…Student Council Member of the College of Liberal Arts…Member of Find Out Dance Crew…Volunteer at the Red Cross…Plans to attend law school and become a defense attorney and provide counseling for ex-offenders.  Also plans to open up a recreational center for children and give back to the community.  Recommended by Dr. George Kakoti, Associate Professor of Criminal Justice: “Andria is mature, self-motivated who once she selects her goal goes all out to attain it. Excellent leadership skills as evidenced by starting up a student organization that provides networking opportunities for other students in her major.”  

*  *  *

Taylor Bailey…First-time winner of the Bryan A. Collins scholarship…From Rockford, IL…Sophomore,  Healthcare Administration with a 3.5 GPA…Volunteers at Nursing HomesWork…Passionate about working with the elderly and plans to be a nursing home administration or a CEO of a nursing home… Recommended by Albanus Strickland, Director of Campus Center: “Taylor is dependable, self-motivated and will be successful in any career she chooses.” 

*  *  *

Brianna Chapple…First-time winner of the Bryan A. Collins scholarship…From Memphis, TN…Freshman in Criminal Justice with a 3.8 GPA…Member of the Honors College and Dream Builders Organization…Plans to pursue a career as an FBI agent… Recommended by April Terrell, Counselor in the TSU College Initiative: “Brianna is very proactive, motivated and driven. Learns quickly and extremely focused on pursuing her dream of an FBI career.”      

*  *  *

Gavaughn Johnson…First time winner of the Bryan A. Collins scholarship…From East St. Louis, IL…Junior in Marketing with a 3.2 GPA…Volunteers at soup kitchens to feed the homeless…Involved in campus clean ups…Plans to become a sports agent and open up his own sports agency… Recommended by  Raynard McMillan, Asst. Professor of Accounting: “Gavaughn sets the bar high for himself and his peers. Highly engaged in his classes and takes the initiative to help and mentor other students.”

*  *  *

Jailen Leavell…First-time winner of the Bryan A. Collins scholarship…From Louisville, KY…Freshman in Mass Communications with a 3.2 GPA…Member of the Film Club, TSU News Correspondent, TSU AOB Marching Band, Tiger Tour Guide and TSU Speech & Debate Team…Plans to enter the journalism industry as a reporter, obtain his MBA then create a real Black Television Network that showcases positive black role models… Recommended by Sandra Weaver, Adjunct Communications Professor: “Jailen has passion for journalism and as a second semester freshman, he’s helping to revive the student chapter of the National Association of Black Journalists at TSU. Takes the initiative in all he does.”

*  *  *  

Taylor Moore…First-time winner of the Bryan A Collins scholarship…From Nashville, TN…Junior in Health Science with a 3.8 GPA…Treasurer of the Collegiate 100 of TSU…Song leader of Lawrence Avenue Church of Christ…Security Guard at Contemporaary Service Corporation…Plans to attend graduate school for physical therapy and ultimately own a health care business… Recommended by Dr. James E. Heimdal, Chair of the Human Performance & Sport Sciences Dept: “Taylor is creative, self-motivated and ambitious.  An emerging  leader who is mature beyond his years and in class asks the right questions which enhances the learning experience for the entire class.”

*  *  *

Zyaeja Warren…First-time winner of the Bryan A. Collins scholarship…From McKeesport, PA…Freshman in Business with a 3.8 GPA…Member of the Emerging Leaders Program…Y-Achievers Program…Penn State Educational Talent Search Program…Ambassadors Club…Plans to pursue a challenging career in business… Recommended by Amanda Brown, Instructor in the Department of Languages, Literature & Philosophy: “Zyaeja is composed, inquisitive and inclusive and always seeking says to better herself and the community. Leads by example.” 

*  *  *

In wrapping up, Francine Williams and Alan Collins, parents of the late Bryan A. Collins, offered the following additional comments on the program:

“We’d like to extend our warm and heartfelt thanks to our family members who were able to join us for this year’s program — including Dr. Maurice A. Collins (Bryan’s grandfather – pictured right) and Kenneth Cain, (Bryan’s brother) and his family.”    

“We’d also like to give a shout out to all of our awesome super-contributors — and especially Pamela Hewitt and Warren Lawson for their unwavering support and generous donations to the scholarship for twelve consecutive years.”  

“Finally, we’d like to acknowledge the invaluable work of Martha Mosley in Enrollment Services and the men of the Kappa Alpha Psi fraternity for their leadership in organizing another outstanding scholarship celebration program.”

“You have all gone beyond the call of duty to make this program a success!”

Each of the 2018-19 Bryan A. Collins scholars, will receive a $2,000.00 scholarship grant towards their tuition for the upcoming school year.

*  *  *

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