Tenth Anniversary of the Bryan A. Collins Scholarship Program Recognizes & Honors 10 New Winners for 2016-2017

Morgan Perkins and Renard Talley Lead
Stellar Group in this 10th Milestone Event

NASHVILLE (AP) – For the 10th consecutive year, a group of the best and brightest students at Tennessee State University (TSU) were awarded Bryan A. Collins Memorial Scholarships. This scholarship award is given every year to outstanding minority students who demonstrate excellence in leadership and academics in pursuing their college degrees.

The ten scholarship winners above were recognized and honored at 10th annual Bryan A. Collins Scholarship Program hosted on April 23 by the Alpha Theta chapter of the Kappa Alpha Psi fraternity. The program took place at the Floyd-Payne Campus Center on the TSU campus and attended by over 40 students, parents and faculty.

Morgan Perkins and Renard Talley were recognized as two-time winners of this scholarship. And they both led an outstanding group of scholarship recipients who have demonstrated excellence both in and outside of the classroom.

According to Dr. John Cade, Associate Vice Provost – Academic Affairs and Chair of the Bryan A. Collins Scholarship Committee (pictured right): “This scholarship program, for a decade, has supported outstanding students with great potential as they progress academically and work towards realizing their career dreams. I’m honored that this program continues as a tribute to Bryan’s legacy and his impact on our university.”

Eloise Abernathy Alexis, Associate Vice President of Institutional Advancement (pictured right), was also on hand to recognize the co-creators and sponsors of program, Alan Collins and Francine Williams for their decade-long support in the education and advancement of TSU students. Ms. Alexis serves as TSU’s chief advancement officer providing strategic leadership for alumni relations, annual giving and development.

Finally, Denzel Smith (pictured above), a three-time winner of this scholarship, and a graduating senior in Biology was on hand as a featured speaker. He shared his personal story about what the scholarship has meant to him, wisdom from his mom and offered advice to the new scholarship winners.  He wrapped up his highly motivational speech by suggesting that the new scholarship recipients to “just do it.


Here is a close-up look at the 2016-17 Bryan A. Collins scholarship winners:

Morgan Perkins…2-time winner of the Bryan A. Collins scholarship…From Nashville, TN…Junior in Nursing with a 3.4 GPA…Member of the Daughters of Destiny Ministry where she serves as a mentor…Tutors children at the Hadley Park Community Center…Phil Kappa Phi Honor Society…Gold Key International Honor Society…Plans to pursue her Masters in Nursing and specialize in pediatric care…According to Dr. D. Lee McGahey, Interim Associate Dean: “Morgan is a role model on campus, strong academically and has demonstrated tremendous leadership through her extra-curricular activities. She takes charge of mentoring other students and helps them in their own leadership journey.”

Renard Talley
…2-time winner of the Bryan A. Collins scholarship…From Chicago, IL…Junior in Accounting with a 3.7GPA…Serves as University Ambassador…TSU Accounting Club…Tutor at John Early Middle School…Served as a RA his entire sophomore year….Plans to get his MBA and CPA and pursue a career as an auditor working with taxes of individuals and companies…According to Sonja Revell, Coordinator of Judicial Affairs at TSU: “Renard is mature, active on campus and career-driven. He is disciplined and dedicated outside of the classroom and values helping and mentoring others.”


Dalicia Baldwin…First-time winner of the Bryan A. Collins scholarship…From Dallas, GA…Freshman with a 3.8 GPA…Member of the Supply Chain Management Club…Living Learning Communities…Volunteers at the Paulding County Boys & Girls Club…Plans to own her own logistics company and provide services to Fortune 500 companies…According to Dr. Linda Warren, School of Businsess and Tracy H. Pleasants, Interim Director, Supply Chain Management Program: “Dalicia is an active student leader on campus and has quickly become one of the “go to” people within the Supply Chain Management (SCMSO) student organization. Dependable, conscientious, an outstanding presenter with excellent interpersonal skills.”


Andranice Buford…First-time winner of the Bryan A. Collins scholarship…From Southaven, MI…Freshman in Business Administration with a 3.5 GPA…Coach for Cowborettes, a community majorette team…Selected as Freshman Ambassador…Owns her own clothing line…Plans to turn her small business into a franchise…According to Dr. Monique Johnson, Professor in the School of Business: “Andranice is organized, disciplined and analytical with excellent follow-through on projects and assignments.”


Rayvin Hall…First-time winner of the Bryan A. Collins scholarship…From Ypsilanti, MI…Freshman in Mass Communication with a 3.2 GPA…Co-Editor, The Divah Files (a HBCU student-operated blog)…Runs “Shante Speaks”…Plans to have her own radio show and eventually own TV show where she discusses pop culture and entertainment issues…According to Shante Telfer, Professor – Dept of Communications: “Rayvin is highly driven, has proven to be a positive role model, and demonstrates a positive attitude.”


Ashanti Holland…First-time winner of the Bryan A. Collins scholarship…From Indianapolis, IN…Freshman in Business Information Systems with a 4.0 GPA…Member of the Speech & Debate Team…Former Capt of the G3 Steppers in high school, now serves as their mentor and a resource…Plans to own several businesses including a non-profit organization for underprivileged students….According to Dr. Linda Warren, Professor, School of Business: “Ashanti has a sparkling personality. Has exhibited professionalism, driven and exceeded every expectation in her assignments.”


Taylor Kelly…First-time winner of the Bryan A. Collins scholarship…From Antioch, TN (and originally, Chicago)…Freshman in Business Administration with a 3.15 GPA…Has participated in Feeding the Homeless initiative and mentoring underprivileged children…Plans to open own business providing guidance to inner city youth..According to Naurice Roberts, Special Consultant at TSU: “Taylor is a go-getter, who is persistent and works diligently to get things done. She is strong minded and works well in teams.”


Brandon Little
…First-time winner of the Bryan A. Collins scholarship…From Memphis,TN…Freshman in Business Administration with a 3.5 GPA…Plans to pursue a career in business following graduation…According to Dr. Timothy Quain, Retired Professor of English: “Brandon is a model student who works hard and is always well prepared. He has demonstrated high potential for the future success.”



KeShun Pinkney…First-time winner of the Bryan A. Collins scholarship…From Nashville, TN…Freshman in Supply Chain Management with a 3.4 GPA…Involved in the summer-time shoe drive where sneakers given back to disadvantaged children…Plans to pursue career in supply chain management and later start business owning multiple clothing stores and investing in real estate…According to Rebecca Bornac, Instructor in College of Arts & Sciences: “KeShun is a leader on campus who is driven, focused and has great critical thinking ability.”


Cordarius Shanklin…First-time winner of the Bryan A. Collins scholarship…From Jackson, TN…Sophomore in Social Work with a 3.0 GPA…Member of Generation of Educated Men…Assisted at First Harvest food drive, breast cancer walk, and the Feed The Homeless initiative through the Nashville Rescue Mission…Plans to get Masters degree in Social Work and get involved giving back to the community…According to Patricia Scudder, TSU Director of Disability Services: “Cordarius is committed, conscientious, reliable with high moral and ethical character.”


Said Francine Williams and Alan Collins, parents of the late Bryan A. Collins and sponsors of the scholarship program: “We would like to thank our family: Drs. Maurice & Constance Collins, Jonathan Collins, Kenneth Cain, Essie Scott, Linda Scott, Brenda Henderson, friends and countless other professional colleagues for their presence at this milestone event in support of Bryan’s scholarship.”

“We also extend our heartfelt thanks to Pamela Hewitt and Warren Lawson for their unwavering support and generous contributions to the scholarship…as well as the invaluable work of Martha Mosley in Enrollment Services, Betsy Jackson of the TSU Foundation and the men of the Kappa Alpha Psi fraternity for their leadership in organizing another outstanding scholarship celebration program.”

“You have all been extraordinary!”

Each of the student winners, as 2016-17 Bryan A. Collins scholars, will receive a $2,000.00 scholarship grant towards their tuition for the upcoming school year.

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