12 New Bryan A. Collins  Scholarship Winners Announced For 2015-2016

Tashana McIaran and Denzel Smith Lead
Stellar Group in the 9th Annual Program 

NASHVILLE (AP) – For the 9th consecutive year, a group of the best and brightest students at Tennessee State University (TSU) were awarded Bryan A. Collins Memorial Scholarships. This scholarship award is given every year to outstanding minority students who demonstrate excellence in leadership and academics in pursuing their college degrees.

The twelve scholarship winners were recognized and honored at 9th annual Bryan A. Collins Scholarship Program hosted on April 20 by the Alpha Theta chapter of the Kappa Alpha Psi fraternity. The program took place at the Floyd-Payne Campus Center on the TSU campus and attended by over 60 students, parents and faculty.

Tashana McIaren became just the second 4-time winner of this prestigious scholarship and Denzel Smith joined the elite ranks as a 3-time winner.  They both led an outstanding group of scholarship recipients who have demonstrated excellence both in and outside of the classroom.

According to Dr. John Cade, Associate Vice Provost – Academic Affairs and Chair of the Bryan A. Collins Scholarship Committee: “This scholarship program continues to support outstanding students as they progress academically and as they work to realize their career dreams. I’m honored that this scholarship program continues as a tribute to Bryan’s legacy and his impact on our university.”   

Here is a close-up look at the 2015-16 Bryan A. Collins scholarship winners: 

Tashana McIaren…4-time winner of the Bryan A. Collins scholarship…From Nashville, TN…Senior in Healthcare Administration with a 3.0 GPA…Mentors high school students…Member of the Tiger Gems Dance team…Society of Collegiate Scholars…Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority…Plans to pursue doctorate in Physical Theraphy…According to Wanda Burrell, Instructor in the School of Health Administration:  “Tashana is a strong volunteer, with great ability to work independently. She’s organized, reliable, hard working and an excellent communicator.”

Denzel Smith…3-time winner of the Bryan A. Collins scholarship…From Goodleville, TN…Junior in Biology with a 3.5 GPA…University Ambassor….Study Group Tutor…Gentlemen in the Jesus Community Service…Choir Musician at Greater St John Church…Plans to enter Med School become an OB/GYN doctor specializing in difficult deliveries…According to Dr. Learotha Williams Jr, Professor – Department of History:  “Denzel is disciplined, dedicated and analytical.  He responds positively to feedback and has the potential to become excellent physician.”

David Johnson…2-time winner of the Bryan A. Collins scholarship…From Clarksville, TN…Sophomore in Health Sciences with a 3.9 GPA…Army ROTC…University Honors Program…Does Community Service with the Manna Café Soup Kitchen…Hands On Nashville Volunteer…Plans to serve our country by commissioning as a 2nd Lieutenant in the Army and then pursue his doctorate in Physical therapy at TSU…According to Dr. Michael T. Ivy, Professor, College of Agriculture: “David is motivated, analytical, with strong critical thinking skills and is well-respected by fellow students.  He has excellent potential in the scientific or medical field.”

Calicia Moss…2-time winner of the Bryan A. Collins scholarship…from White Bluff, TN…Junior in Health Sciences with a 3.8 GPA…Involved in Local Community Outreach with the Food Bank…Volunteer for Special Needs Children…National Scoeity of Collegiate Scholars…Plans to become an Occupational Therapist working with wounded veterans and disabled children…According to Dr. Charles Brown, Asst Professor Dept of Health Sciences:  “Calicia has a strong work ethic, is excellent communicator and has provided strong  leadership and advice to students during the semester.”

Kia Armstrong…First time winner of the Bryan A. Collins scholarship…From Anitoch, TN…Freshman in Nursing with a 4.0 GPA…Tutors elementary school Elementary students…Peer tutor on campus in Math…Plans to obtain Master’s in Nursing & Public Health and wants to become nurse and teach…According to Dr. Coreen Jackson, Director of University Honors Program:  “Kia demonstrates strong leadership qualities.  She has excellent interpersonal relationsips with faculty, administrators and students and a passion for influencing her community in a positive way.”

Alyissa Celestin…First time winner of the Bryan A. Collins scholarship…From Ft. Lauderdale, FL…Freshman in Speech Pathology with a 3.0 GPA…Student Success Work Study…Friends of Honors Program…BET Black College Tour…Plans to pursue her Masters and PhD degrees in Speech Pathology…According to Dr. Jeanetta Jackson, Professor, Math Sciences Dept:  “Alyissa has a strong drive for success and accumulated 24 college credits before even entering her freshman year.  She is an excellent communicator and contributor to class discussions.”

Allen Ezigbo…First time winner of the Bryan A. Collins scholarship…From Arlington, TX…Freshman in Chemistry with a 3.8 GPA…Student Government Association: 2014-15 Freshman Class Secretary…Society of Black engineers…Tennessee State Honors Program…Student Tutor at Beech-Creek Ministry…Plans to pursue graduate school and later become a Chemistry Teacher or Professor…According to Grant L Winrow, Coordinator of TSU Special Projects:  “Allen is a leader among her peers and wasted no time as she hit the ground running as was elected Freshman Class Secretary.  She strives for excellence and strong thirst for knowledge.”

Spencor Hall…First time winner of the Bryan A. Collins scholarship…From Atlanta, GA…Senior in Criminal Justice with a 3.2 GPA..Member of Leadership TSU…Phi Alpha Delta PreLaw Fraternity…Kappa Alpha Psi..Student Government Association representative…Plans to attend law school at Emory or Vanderbilt and start Law practice in Entertainment Law.  According to Dr. Sedric Griffin, Director, Office of Admissions:  “Spencor is a born leader…displays positive and can-do attitude…goes beyond expectations…takes charge and brings a wealth of knowledge into any situation.”

Alyaxandria Henry…First time winner of the Bryan A. Collins scholarship…From Cinnitia, OH…Senior in Electrical Engineering with a 3.2 GPA…Involved in the Preston Taylor Ministries…Delta Sigma Theta Sorority…National Society of Black Engineers…Love You Like A Sister, Inc…Plans to purse graduate school in Engineering…According to Dr. Sachin Shetty, Associate Professor, Dept of Electrical and Computer Engineering:  “Alyaxandria serves as an undergraduate research assistant.  She’s a highly organized researcher and student currently working a smartphone security project, where she has taken the initiative and delivered outstanding results.”

Morgan Perkins…First time winner of the Bryan A. Collins scholarship…From Nashville, TN…Sophomore in Nursing with a 3.5 GPA…Member of the Daughters of Destiny Ministry…Volunteers at the Hadley Park Regional Center tutoring and mentoring youths…Plans to pursue masters degree in Nursing to become a pediatric nurse…According to Vickie Holmes, Director, Office of Enrollment Management:  “Morgan is a strong leader, team player and work effectively with others. She does a terrific job mentoring and teaching young girls at her church.”

Jasmine Stuckey…First time winner of the Bryan A. Collins scholarship…From Nashville, TN…Senior in Biology with a 3.6 GPA…President, Love You Like A Sister Inc….Vice-President, Delta Sigma Theta Sorority…Involved in Preston Taylor Community Service…University Honors Program…Plans to attend med school and pursue career as an anesthesiologist…According to Dr. Cheryl Bevill, Asst Professor of Spanish:  “Jasmine is eependable, outgoing and a leader that works extremely well with others.  She excels at community service.”

Renard Talley…First time winner of the Bryan A. Collins scholarship…From Chicago, IL…Sophomore in Accounting with a 3.8 GPA…Serves as a Residence Hall Assistant..Member of the Pre-Alumni Council…National Society of Collegiate Scholars…Phi Eta Sigma National Honor Society…Plans to obtain his MBA and CPA and pursue an accounting career…According to Rico Bates, Asst. Director at Watson Hall:  “Renard is dedicated and reliable. He excels at balancing academic and leadership commitments as an RA.”

Said Francine Phillips and Alan Collins, parents of the late Bryan A. Collins and sponsors of the scholarship program: “We would like to thank our primary contributors Pamela Hewitt & Warren Lawson as well as our family, friends and numerous professional colleagues for their support of this scholarship. We also extend our heartfelt thanks to Dr. Sedric Griffin and the men of the Kappa Alpha Psi fraternity for their leadership in organizing another outstanding scholarship celebration program.”

Each of the student winners, as 2015-16 Bryan A. Collins scholars, will receive a $2,000.00 scholarship grant towards their tuition for the upcoming school year.

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